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To the Brady Street Festival We Go Marching

With Our Clown

With Our Signs

And Our Drone

We Pass Out Million Dollar Bills

With Our Message.

But Unlike the Bastille Days Festival.

There was not a strong response
for against the message.

We tried talking about the
explosion of drones

50 to 7000 this year,

How to eliminate the national debt

by eliminating drones that cost 4 million
to build and $5000 a hour to operate

No Matter What People Want to Hear or Not Our Message Remains the Same



Lives— Victims of USA Drones

Killer Drones Cost $ & Lives

• One Predator Drone = $4 million dollars plus $5,000 an hour plus many lives. Including children
• Used in the Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and Pakistan

• Military ethicists concede that drones can turn war into a video game, inflict civilian casualties and, with no Americans directly at risk, more easily draw the US into conflicts
• New Drone Training base coming to WISCONSIN at Volk Air Force Base.
• Killer drones destroy the lives of children and innocent civilians. To learn more check ‘Killer Drones’ at To join the resistance contact

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