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TeachWarNoMore: Letter to Editor of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Marquette Controversy

Dear Editor,

The controversy surrounding Marquette University in rescinding the contract of Jodi O’Brien reminds me of the controversy surrounding the Catholic Church in the clergy abuse scandal.

MU and Catholic Church immediately denied accusations but were not completely honest. The Church originally denied accusations of a large scandal now Marquette denies accusations of discrimination based on ‘sexual identity.’ In fact, Marquette University hosts three departments of military sciences that discriminate students and faculty based on ‘sexual identity.’

Both MU and the Catholic Church have failed to be transparent and offer full disclosure. The American Catholic Bishops were quick to condemn sexual abuse in the Church but struggled with full disclosure. Marquette University says the reason for rescinding the contract was that O’ Brien’s writings were in conflict with the “mission and identity” of the university. Perhaps this is true, but Marquette failed to disclose what of her work disqualified her for the position. Also the three departments of military science, base Schools of Army, Navy/Marines and Air Force, at Marquette teach moral values that are contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Marquette University and the Catholic Church could both use a dose of honesty and transparency.

Bob Graf
Catholic and former MU student

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