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TeachWarNoMore: Wisconsin State Fair Freedom March


Wisconsin State Fair

Saturday, August 7th, 1pm

Again we marched, Breaking the Silence, this time thru West Allis under a hot, early afternoon sun. Few this time … tho’ we waited hopefully for other fellow peace liberals to join us … a hearty band of 8 jongleurs and funerealeurs emerged to march thru the heartland with weighty coffin, drum and sound, past the hecklers and indifferent, handing out our message. A message to awaken them to the smell of death, though faint here, nonetheless immersing us in our complicity. And to Teach War No More.

We marched from the Petit Center south and entered the grounds leading up to the ticket booth at 84th and Greenfield; then back out … to the astonished looks from dozens of merry fair-goers. We proceeded then to another gate at about 82nd and Greenfield, once again entering and marching up to the ticket sellers, then reversing course. Folks, much like our parents and neighbors, looked on … some taking our message with a thumbs up and some looking right thru us. As we emerged from that gate, we fell upon a friendly roadside vender where we refueled with icy, cold water … adding 8 plastic bottles to the landfill but preventing dehydration. The West Allis police stopped to chat with us and to remind us that the last gate we were at is the usual spot for protesting. After thanking them, we marched back to the start, a bit weary … realizing that we had just sent a powerful message to hundreds of passers-by and motorists --- that not all was well in fantasy-land USA … from where the killing fields originate … in our names.

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