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The Birth of the Nonviolent Worm Domain

Art by Peter Graf

The seeds for this domain were planted in 2005 when my long-time friend James Godsil invited me to a tour of Growing Power. Like him, I was fascinated by the power of the worm, and was eager to grow organic food this way at home. I started with a Growing Power box in my sunroom and writing to friends about my experiences. Then Godsil invited me to contribute to his wonderful internet wiki domain and “greenhouse” called the, where I started posting a daily journal of my home-based Growing Power experiences, mixed with other reflections on life, called the “Diary of a Worm”.

With the help of the wikignome of the Milwaukee Renaissance Tegan Dowling, I created a group of pages called the “Graf Family Mini-Website”, and started to add pages on other topics, such as one devoted to my son’s artwork, and one by my grandchildren. With Tegan’s help I added links and eventually started to help others create web pages of their own, like Mothers Against Gun Violence, and Ella’s Patch Quilts. Next came more web pages about my long-time interests, especially on the power of nonviolent action.

The Graf Family Mini-Website grew and grew, nourished by friends like Godsil, Tegan, and Bill Sell, another long-time friend who was also a co-founder of Milwaukee Renaissance. Two years passed, and I realized that all my web pages were organized around two points: nonviolence and growing power. It began to become difficult to organize all of the work I was doing on the Milwaukee Renaissance website. With Tegan’s help, and Godsil’s and Bill’s blessing, we began a new web domain, the Some of the web pages I helped to create with friends will stay with the Milwaukee Renaissance domain. However, most of my web pages have moved to this new site.

So the Milwaukee Renaissance has birthed many web pages, and now it has birthed a new domain. Working with my wikignome, I’ll continue to contribute some of my writing to the Milwaukee Renaissance site, because the work that my friends Godsil, Bill Sell and Tegan are doing there is so closely tied to my own interests and efforts. But check out the daughter of the Milwaukee Renaissance, the

- Bob Graf

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