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Thy Kingdom Come…on Earth as it is in Heaven

A Parable that tells the story of what could be if the 1.1 million dollars was used for the poor and segregated in North Central Milwaukee where the money came from.

Proposal from the Parable

Cry of the Poor Petition

Revised Cry of the Poor Petition

We request that the 1.1 million dollars realized from the closing and sale of three Catholic Churches (St. Nicholas, St. Albert, Blessed Trinity/Holy Redeemer) in North Central Milwaukee be used to support “the intent of the donors” by establishing a fund for use of the spiritual and corporal works of mercy in North Central Milwaukee.

Don Timmerman, Jane Hoffman, Patricia Zealley, Bob Graf, Ted John, Bill Sell, Daniel Di Domizio, Jacqueline Haessly, Kathleen Koneazny, Regina Marie Maibusch, SSSF, R.N.,M.S., Sharon Kusmirek, Bob Beaumier, Joe Jradoszewski, Don Sass, Sr. Virgine Lawlinger, Don Richards, Brian Hey, Mike Helbick, Janice Sevre-Duszynska, Thomas Spellman,Dona Palmer, Judy James, Maureen Keyes, Jeanne De Simone Sieger, Barb Messerknecht, Jessie Read, Andy Flynn, Marilynn Weiland, Kay Snowden, Elizabeth Martorell, Janis Emily Kuenning,David Kruschke, Catherine Fontanazza, Thomas Tadyshah, Omar Barbereine. Frank Bufe VII, Rev. Jerry Zwada OFM, Josh Campbell.

For background information read the three essays in The Catholic Church in North Central Milwaukee, Separate but Unequal,Million Dollar Move St. Vincent De Paul Stalled

To sign the petition or for more information email

History of Proposal to Use Money for Neighborhood

December, 2010 Blessed Trinity Parish Vision Statement

The first proposal to use the sale monies to serve persons in need in area was made to the Archdiocese in December 2110 by the Parish Council of Blessed Trinity when they knew the Church would be closed. (See Blessed Trinity Parish Vision Statement ). The plan was to combine the funds from St. Albert and St. Nicholas with the sale of properties of Blessed Trinity/Holy Redeemer for outreach to the neighborhood in North Central Milwaukee.

June, 2011 Proposal to use sale funds to Archbishop

In June 2011 Bob Graf wrote the Archbishop and the Corporation Board with the idea of using the money from the pending sale of Blessed Trinity property for use for the preferential option for the poor on the North side via the three St. Vincent De Paul Conferences, St. Catherine, All Saints and St. Martin De Porres.

June, 2011 Response of Archbishop Listecki, 2011

The Archbishop responded in June 2011 that it “is an excellent” idea and suggested we discuss this idea with Fr. Jack Kerns, the pastor of St. Catherine Parish.”

June 2011 Blessed Trinity Parish Closed.

Members and Money of the merged parish of Blessed Trinity transferred to St. Catherine

In August, 2012 the three essays on The Catholic Church in North Central Milwaukee were published with many contributors.

The essays include a brief history of segregation and the Catholic Church in the area, the history of the 1.1 million dollars from sales of three parishes and description of St. Vincent De Paul in North Central Area. There were many [[Main/Contributors |Contributors to the historical essays.

September 14, 2012 The original Cry of the Poor Petition

It was addressed to Archbishop and St. Catherine Corporation Board over which the Archbishop presides was made by Timmerman and Bob Graf. Now there are 25 plus signatories of the Cry of the Poor Petition.

Oct. 14, 2012 Archbishop Listecki responds

Archbishop Listecki responded in a letter dated Oct. 4, 2012 and received by us on Oct. 14th saying that we needed to consider “the intent of the donors” on use of the 1.1 million dollars.

We sent our response to the Archbishop and Board making the changes suggested by Archbishop and others in the revised Cry of the Poor Petition now signed by over 21 persons.

Dec. 18, 2012 Archbishop Listecki request by an email:

“I encourage you to talk with Fr. Kern and the lay parish Trustees at St. Catherine.” The effort was made to no avail.

December 25, 2012

Bob Graf wrote to the three corporation members at St. Catherine asking one last time to honor the Archbishop and our request and set up an tentative date in the new year by Jan. 1, 2013.

Jan. 1, 2013 Beyond Dialog to Creative Nonviolence

After over two years of requesting dialog with Archbishop, President of the five person Corporation Board the time it is time to look beyond dialog to creative nonviolent actions.

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