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Pledge to Call Rep. Gwen Moore’s offices.

Pledge to call both Gwen Moore’s Washington office and Milwaukee office [numbers listed below] and then sign below and make any comments you may wish. You can stand and be counted as a person who has spoken out on the constant wars that this country is engaged in and that Gwen Moore supports. Gwen Moore needs to physically hear from her constituency who is opposed to the ongoing conflicts, which are robbing this country of its resources, its youth, its ability to function well enough to keep its infrastructure intact, to keep schools progressive and functional, its health care more than second rate and with its integrity at least partly restored. And, last but certainly not least, we must seriously address the issues of global warming, which should be front and center stage in any discussion of 2010-and-beyond-priorities.

This is a lot to ask but we must shoot for the moon to at least keep this planet spinning in the right direction. Each person who calls Moore’s offices counts for dozens of folks who are thinking the same thing but not acting. Please take the time to pledge that you will call Gwen Moore’s offices asap as the people listed below have done and ask her why she has been voting to increase troops in Afghanistan, for war appropriations and pork for Wisconsin Military contractors, why she recently voted against Dennis Kucinich’s House Resolution #248 to be out of Afghanistan by the end of the year and especially, to ask her to vote against the upcoming war appropriations bill. Gwen Moore must, as must we all, be held accountable for wasted resources and spent human lives on both sides of the equation. For more information contact

Call each office: 202–225–4572 and 414–297–1140

See Rep. Gwen Moore’s recent record on war spending

Copy of amendment of Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s House Resolution to end the war in Afghanistan by the end of year. List of signers (does not include Gwen Moore): House Roll Call: US forces in Afghanistan - Yahoo! News

Here is the updated list which you can join by calling and signing below.

Call each office: 202–225–4572 and 414–297–1140 and try to get 2 more people to pledge, also.

1) Joe Radoszewski
2) Omar Barbarena
3) Ron Taylor
4) Bill Sell
5) Debbie Metke
6) Bob Graf
7) Mike Ehr
8) Bob Burkart-Lemke

9) Kathy Burkart-Lemke
10) Brian Madden
11) Al Riegel
12) Kitty Riegel
13) Judith Janes
14) Barb Aho
15) Patricia Holman
16) Rosie Nichols

17) Vivian Corres
18) Bill Lemieux
19) Paul Mozina
20) Laura Kukor
21) Dot Kukor
22) Mary Krolikowsi
23) Pat Small
24) Steve Shea

25) Chris Herro
26) Barb Eisenberg
27) Margie Mullet
28) Donia Linski-Stribling

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Chris Herro01 Apr, 2010; 00:03
Matthew Scholtes01 Apr, 2010; 11:36
Janell Bennett03 Apr, 2010; 07:55
Sharon Kusmirek04 Apr, 2010; 11:39
Please vote to create a society in which all thrive. locally and globally! Thanks!
Joyce Ellwanger05 Apr, 2010; 08:19
Angela Michel07 Apr, 2010; 23:33
[Joe]Put my name on the list
Mary Laan09 Apr, 2010; 22:11
War is no way to solve ANY problem. No exceptions. It is a form of insanity.
Don and Roberta Thurstin Timmerman10 Apr, 2010; 08:55
Mary Growe10 Apr, 2010; 18:03
“Democracy cannot be obtained through the barrel of a gun.” Fr. Roy Bourgeois
Les Hagensick11 Apr, 2010; 14:38
To Imperial USA: no more wars! Get well Joe
Bill Sell11 Apr, 2010; 20:49
Hey, Joe, hope you’re up and around soon. The world needs to hear about peace during these violent times.
Ellyn O’Grady13 Apr, 2010; 22:54
It’s time for YOU to stop the blood and money put into destabilizing our world. Congresswoman Moore, show us that we can finally have a politician who speaks for us.
Brian Madden13 Apr, 2010; 23:21
Do not vote for more war spending. Why did you vote against Kucinich’s Resolution #248? Vote against the upcoming war appropriations bill.

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