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PilgrimageOfPeace: Pilgrimage of Peace: Walk in the Footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi

Pilgrimage of Peace 2016

Heart of Gandhi- Nonviolence and Sustainability

“Earth has enough for the needs of everyone but not the greed of anyone.” Gandhi

Pilgrimage of Peace 2011

“Gandhi Little Man- Giant Dreams”

A pictoral Diary by Mike Frontier

Reflection by Pilgrims

Indian Recipes and Healing Spices

Quotes from Mahatma Gandhi

Pictures from the 2009 Pilgrimage of Peace to India, on

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Press arrow in middle of a photo display area, at right, to see the photo collection’s controls. Press button at bottom left corner to start/pause slide show, and button at bottom far right for full-screen view.


Products from the India of Mahatma Gandhi

These pictures are in memorial to my friends Jim Harney, a photo journalist for the undocumented, poor and marginalized and Father Robert Purcell S.J., the man who taught me how to talk and see.

Jim Harney 1940–2008

Father Robert Purcell S.J.

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