Marquette University Teach War and Killing No More;

End Department of Defense ROTC Departments for Army, Navy/Marines & Air Force

In 2008 we circulated a petition to the President of Marquette University for Marquette to be faithful to the Gospel, and NO LONGER HOST Departments of Military Science. Around 300 people, Alumni, students, Christians and people of good will, signed this petition and it was submitted to President Wild S.J. Now after 5 years the teaching of war and killing without conscience in the ROTC programs at Marquette continues. Marquette still has three contracts with the Department of Defense for Departments of Army, Navy/Marines and Air Force for military training on campus for all colleges and universities in a five county area. Marquette continues to be the only Jesuit Catholic University and one of two Catholic universities in the USA to host all three departments of military on campus.

It is time now to end all ROTC training at Marquette University. Let us make the make the 2013–2014 school year the one that happens. In the school year of 1968–1969 Marquette eliminated ‘institutional racism at Marquette. Now 45 years later it is time to end ‘institutional militarism’ at Marquette.

Read and Sign the Petition below and leave supportive comments. At the beginning of this school year we will give these petitions and ones of 2008 to the now President of Marquette University, Father Scott Pilarz S.J.

Because the Departments of Military Sciences at Marquette University teach values that are contrary to Gospel values and the teaching of Christian conscience

And because Marquette University is a Jesuit Catholic University committed to the Catholic Church and Gospel Values, and hosts Departments of Military Sciences for all local universities and colleges in the region.

We the undersigned request that the administration of Marquette University be faithful to the Gospel, and NO LONGER HOST Departments of Military Science for nine colleges and universities. Teach War and Killing in ROTC No More.

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Robert E. Graf Jr. MU 61–65′, 67–6812 Aug, 2013; 17:54
In the name of the Gospel of Jesus the Christ please end ROTC on the Marquette Campus
Phil Runkel03 Sep, 2013; 09:32
Your Name04 Jul, 2014; 21:56

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