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Petition for Marquette University to be Faithful to the Gospel, and No Longer Host Departments of Military Science.

March 8th, 2008 Nonviolent Action at Marquette University

We believe the war in Iraq is illegal, unjust and immoral, and that, in the words of blessed Franz Jägerstätter (a martyr of the Catholic Church), “to participate in an unjust war is to cooperate with evil”.

Sign of Contradiction

Because the Departments of Military Science at Marquette University teach values that are contrary to Gospel values and the teaching of Christian conscience,

And because Marquette University is a Jesuit Catholic University committed to the Catholic Church and Gospel Values, and hosts Departments of Military Science for nine local universities and colleges,

We the undersigned request that the administration of Marquette University no longer support an unjust and immoral war in Iraq, and that Marquette be faithful to the Gospel, and NO LONGER HOST Departments of Military Science for nine colleges and universities.

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Robert E.Graf Jr.28 Jan, 2008; 13:56
MU graduate and undergraduate student, 1961–65 & 1967–68.

“The word of the Gospel is understood only when it is obeyed. It is known to those who strive to practice it.” — Thomas Merton Seasons of Celebration (New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1950) p 217 “The responsibility for war rests not only with those who directly cause war, but also with those who do not do everything in their power to prevent it.” — Pope John Paul II cited in “Catholic Relief Services: the Beginning Years” by Eileen Egan (NY: Catholic Relief Services, 1988), pp. 155–156
Robert Beaumier30 Jan, 2008; 22:59
I am a graduate of Marquette High School (1963) as well as a graduate of Marquette U. (1968) Moreover, our son, Francis is a 2005 graduate of Marquette High School. We have benefited a great deal from Jesuit Education. That’s why I’m perplexed that M. U. and other Jesuit Institutions support ROTC. I believe that one of the most faithful and courageous Jesuits of today is Fr. John Dear who has dedicated his life to nonviolence. He makes it clear that he believes that Jesus never condones war and that war is the ultimate mortal sin. Please stop supporting ROTC.
Phil Runkel31 Jan, 2008; 13:21
Jenny Chay31 Jan, 2008; 13:27
Carol Waskovich, Class of 197131 Jan, 2008; 14:55
It’s a contradiction of values to have an institution of war at a Catholic institution.
Maggie Corbin31 Jan, 2008; 15:43
Jack Hereford31 Jan, 2008; 15:45
Jesuits need to stand up for Jesus and expel ROTC from their schools (including mine, St. Louis University).
David Corcoran31 Jan, 2008; 15:55
Thanks Bob for doing this. The Church, that’s us, has to be held accountable to the Gospel. I have been ashamed of the Church and the so-called Catholic Universities supporting war, rotc, military recruiting, advertising for military chaplains, etc. I am sure it brings a tear to the eye of Jesus to see his family go so far astray.
Jesse Wozniak31 Jan, 2008; 15:55
William F. Watts31 Jan, 2008; 15:58
As your beloved founder left his military career the Jesuits should NOT be support military science (?) thank you Pace e Bene. As a Catholic who followed the non-violent Jesus I implore you to reconsider your stand.
Frank Blair31 Jan, 2008; 16:04
I’m seriously opposed to the corporatocracy which is controlling our lives and which contributes to the slavery and discomforts of people worldwide! Recruiting young people to go forth and do the bidding of their masters is not appropriate for a Christian university.
Karla Braig31 Jan, 2008; 16:08
I am a member of the Dubuque Catholic Worker Community, and an adjunct faculty member at Loras College ( a small Catholic college in Dubuque Iowa). I BEG Marquette University to stand firm in its commitment to the Catholic Church and Gospel values and STOP supporting the War in Iraq. What are we teaching our students?!
Kimberly Anderson31 Jan, 2008; 16:14
Our Catholic worker community, , Casa Guadalupana House of Hospitality, St. Paul, MN, has long admired Marquette’s leadership in peace and justice. How can this co-exist with that theological and philosophical posture?
Susan Kurek31 Jan, 2008; 16:15
It is immoral for a Catholic educational institution to support the training of men and women to become instruments of death. The tenets of the Catholic Church require us to respect life, not end it.
Fr. Robert Bossie, SCJ31 Jan, 2008; 16:15
As a graduate of another Jesuit University (Loyola), a former member of the US Air Force, and former employee of the military industrial complex, it seems eminently clear to me that a Catholic University should not host a department of military science. Neither should Marquette support the invasion/occupation of Iraq because it fails even the just war principles, not to mention the call of the nonviolent God of love.
Jackie Hudson, OP31 Jan, 2008; 16:16
The nonviolent Jesus would not recognize the church institutions of today!!
william vanwagenen31 Jan, 2008; 16:16
Kathleen A. Niece31 Jan, 2008; 16:24
As a graduate of Creighton University and a current Catholic Worker, I urge all Jesuit universities to embrace the value of Jesus fully and eliminate Military Science, ROTC and military recruiting from their campuses.
Marilynn Weiland31 Jan, 2008; 16:31
Graduated 1970. One of my first experiences at MU was to oppose MU holding a dance at the Eagle’s Club, which had in effect at the time a “whites only” membership policy. MU continues to disappoint.
Dolores Garm31 Jan, 2008; 16:36
Maryann Jenkins31 Jan, 2008; 16:50
Fr. Jim Hoffman OFM31 Jan, 2008; 16:54
Frank and Evelyn Hudson31 Jan, 2008; 16:57
Concerned Catholics for Peace
Therese Cullen31 Jan, 2008; 17:23
Max Obuszewski31 Jan, 2008; 17:29
Thus shall not kill!
Gloria-Jeanne Anderson31 Jan, 2008; 17:29
It is particularly appalling to me that a Catholic University that has had Jesuit priests killed in Central America and elsewhere would have ROTC. It is inconsistent in my view with THOU SHALL NOT KILL.
Liz Mikutowski31 Jan, 2008; 17:43
Michael Mikutowski31 Jan, 2008; 17:44
Frances Crowe31 Jan, 2008; 18:11
Patrick Kennelly31 Jan, 2008; 18:11
Fr. Wild and Bishop Dolan. Be faithful to nonviolence and love. Hosting the teaching of killing and war is sinful. Shame on MU!
Joyce F. Guinn31 Jan, 2008; 19:04
S. Margaret Ann Arnold31 Jan, 2008; 19:06
Gwen Hennessey, OSF31 Jan, 2008; 19:25
S. Marion Verhaalen, SSSF31 Jan, 2008; 19:39
The time is NOW to take a stand for peace.
Deacon Thomas C. Cornell 31 Jan, 2008; 20:17
Peter Maurin Farm,41 Cemetery Road, Marlboro, NY 12542
William Sell31 Jan, 2008; 20:42
I am amazed how easy it is for a Catholic to discard fundamental teachings like the words of Jesus. I guess this disjunct is one reason I cannot be Catholic. I am not sure what the purpose of the Church is, if it is not connected to your Jesus.
Mauro Heck31 Jan, 2008; 21:30
MU needs to bring itself above of this shameful situation of training students and consequently supporting this immoral and illegal war.
Lisa Zeilinger31 Jan, 2008; 21:38
Robert Roethig31 Jan, 2008; 21:40
Sung-Hee Choi31 Jan, 2008; 22:20
I believe true religion is for peace, truth and justice. Jesus christ would lament at your deed.
Chris Rooney01 Feb, 2008; 02:24
Maryann Alukonis01 Feb, 2008; 03:59
The time is now to take a stand for peace.
Robert Dorst01 Feb, 2008; 06:17
Donna Engelmann01 Feb, 2008; 07:09
Fr. Darrell Rupiper01 Feb, 2008; 08:11
Michael Komba01 Feb, 2008; 08:35
Mary-Alice Wallach Martines01 Feb, 2008; 09:03
Anita L. Sorenson01 Feb, 2008; 09:20
Josuane Duckworth01 Feb, 2008; 10:05
S. Grace Golata01 Feb, 2008; 10:46
Please help refocus our society to one of peace and dialogue.
Rebecca Zartman01 Feb, 2008; 10:55
Violence is not an acceptable option if you accept the gospel of Christ.
Harry Murray01 Feb, 2008; 11:48
professor of sociology at Nazareth College and part of the Rochester Catholic Worker community
Sharon Kusmirek01 Feb, 2008; 12:04
As a graduate of Marquette U., I continue to be saddened by Marquette’s support of ROTC. Please do not continue to host ROTC.
Sarah Melici01 Feb, 2008; 13:25
Lucy & Gerhard Fischer01 Feb, 2008; 14:34
Ellen Brostrom01 Feb, 2008; 15:29
Peace Action Wisconsin01 Feb, 2008; 15:34
As we work to end war, we must change both the military industrial and military educational complexes that feed upon our tax dollars and the minds and bodies of our youth. Counter military recruitment campaigns have had success. Counter military training is necessary to stem the flow of bodies into war.
Becky Bishop01 Feb, 2008; 15:35
Kathryn M. West01 Feb, 2008; 15:39
George Paz Martin01 Feb, 2008; 16:07
During the Vietnam War, I was unjustly drafted out of Marquette U. and refused to be inducted. Both my son Dakin who is a conscientious objector and I are graduates of Marquette University High School. We have both benefited greatly from Jesuit education and the inherent values of the process, but disagree with its value of militarism and support of this unjust war. I have been to Iraq and witnessed the death and destruction of both Iraqi people and our own troops. I am ashamed that my own university feeds into this tragedy. Close the Departments of Military Science. Peace Action Wisconsin-Program Director and United for Peace and Justice-National Co-Chair.
Patricia M. DeFrain01 Feb, 2008; 16:13
Terry Ellen Ryan01 Feb, 2008; 16:22
Mary Catherine Dundon, SSND01 Feb, 2008; 17:26
Antony Mullaney01 Feb, 2008; 17:37
Elysse Wageman01 Feb, 2008; 17:42
Lelia Mattingly, Tucson,AZ01 Feb, 2008; 19:11
What a shame and a sham that a recognized Catholic University like Marquette would stoop to allow the unChristian teachings that are the basis of militarism. What is happening in this country that is now so militaristic, and warlike? God forgive us.
Carol Thomas01 Feb, 2008; 19:24
Emmey Malloy01 Feb, 2008; 21:03
Another military BRAT against MU hosting ROTC and the Department of Military Science.
MU Arts and Sciences 2006
Jeanne De Simone Sieger01 Feb, 2008; 21:08
When asked what he thought of Western civilization, Gandhi responded, “I think it would be a good idea.” Let us move along in our spiritual renaissance as Christians and fear not to live the peace of Christ.
Dianne Henke01 Feb, 2008; 22:19
It is important for a University to be a place where differing ideas can be discussed, researched and evaluated. However, to have a department of the University whose viewpoint is in direct opposition with the stated values of the institution makes one question the real values of the institution.
Mary L. Devitt01 Feb, 2008; 22:58
My father, who passed away six months ago, was a graduate of Marquette Medical School. The values he lived as a father and as a physician were honed at Marquette. Those values are not consistent with an unjust war in Iraq, or training young men and women to participate in such an immoral action. Please stop supporting ROTC.
Jim Forest02 Feb, 2008; 04:17
While I appreciate it is a very complicated task to back away from Marquette’s longtime engagement with the military, taking this step would be a timely witness to Catholic teaching about war and peacemaking.
Justin Morahan02 Feb, 2008; 04:21
As a seeker for truth and believer in nonviolence I support this worthy petition. The contradictions that you have highlighted - a Christian university nakedly supporting militarism and corrupt power - are staggering
Matthew Scholtes02 Feb, 2008; 07:58
Ingrid M. Leder (Ph.D., history) 02 Feb, 2008; 13:00
Dietrich Gerstner, D-22177 Hamburg, Germany02 Feb, 2008; 14:49
Sister Betty Donoghue02 Feb, 2008; 18:14
Michael Filipiak02 Feb, 2008; 20:13
I was raised Christian (large “C”) and studied it well past the 16 years of formal education. Its message is clear - there is no place in Christianity for murder, not for any reason, as well as for those who justify and support it, especially those who support it for profit.

Stop now and return to the Roots of The Christian Path.
Anne Ahrens02 Feb, 2008; 21:59
James J. Godsil03 Feb, 2008; 08:18
I am a child of the Jesuits, from my high school days at St. Louis U. High, to my B.A. and then M.A. from St. Louis University. Ignatius would sign this petition and perhaps urge the good directors of M.U. to consider helping feed the world and turn resources/energy/mind space from war to urban farming. Will Allen of Growing Power will probably be the Dr. Martin Luther King of the 21st Century Sustainability Movement. He has addressed the Royal Society of London and now travels the planet to introduce his organic urban farming methodologies to Africa, Europe, Asia—everywhere!

But Marquette University has yet to connect their students with this profound possibility, the turning of our urban wastes — food residues, coffee grounds, wood chips, old cardboard, brewer’s yeast — into food for the worms, who turn it into the world’s richest soil. To be used for backyard farms, neighborhood gardens, organic growth!

Wake up, Marquette University! Leave nationalism and pedestrian commercialism behind! Re-spirit our nation’s cities!
Kathy Kelly03 Feb, 2008; 10:48
It’s a privilege to join the group that has signed this letter. Marquette administrators face an extraordinary opportunity “to give and not count the cost” —they can give all possible support to on campus efforts to end collaboration with U.S. war makers.
Nelson and Mary Harper03 Feb, 2008; 15:51
Lawrence, KS
Clare Hanrahan03 Feb, 2008; 16:12
Joyce Ellwanger03 Feb, 2008; 16:30
Darlene Hanke03 Feb, 2008; 17:34
Please no longer support a war which has killed 1000s of both Iraq and American young men and women and instead promote peace.
Rev. Fr. Johan Maertens04 Feb, 2008; 01:41
Belgium, Europe
monte letourneau04 Feb, 2008; 08:49
who would Jesus torture, bomb, and deny killing?
Neal Styka04 Feb, 2008; 09:25
As a current Marquette Student and having lived with students in the ROTC program 3 years of my 5 years here I see the values that the Dept. of Military Science trains students in clearly contradicts Christian values.
Matthew Gesner04 Feb, 2008; 12:30
Sr. Virgine Lawinger04 Feb, 2008; 14:22
Racine Dominican
Joe Loes04 Feb, 2008; 17:20
Julie Byrnes Enslow04 Feb, 2008; 17:42
How can one follow the teachings of Jesus which call for nonviolence and forgiveness and still support violence, militarism and warfare? It is time for Catholic and other Christian institutions of higher learning to take the gospel seriously.
Nancie Chmielewski05 Feb, 2008; 08:57
DEacon Thomas C. Cornell05 Feb, 2008; 12:17
I am an eigth year man, Jesuit education at Fairfgield Prep and University 1948–52, and honored by the Jesuit faculty there with a DLH to commemorate the Ignatian 500 year. I beg the Jesuit Community to be true to its charism and rid itself of this militarist taint.
John Wepking05 Feb, 2008; 14:28
John Dear05 Feb, 2008; 19:39
Tess Reiss06 Feb, 2008; 00:06
“Right human relations will free us from guilt and fear, will share the resources in the world, and create peace. The laws of love mean right relationship. The laws of life mean right thinking, right acting. When you get a combination of right acting, right thinking, and goodwill, you have the kind of free, tolerant, harmless society to which we should be aiming.”
Maitreya’s Mission, by Benjamin Creme
Debra Schneider06 Feb, 2008; 08:34
It is time for the Catholic institutions and bishops of the United States to “to scrutinize the signs of the times and to interpret them in the light of the Gospel”. Catholics one hundred years in the future will look back with sadness and despair at this war hungry culture in the same way we now do at slavery and racism and they will wonder how the Catholic Church could be so silent and supportive of the degradation of human dignity.
Don Timmerman and Roberta Thurstin06 Feb, 2008; 09:17
M. Pat Neuenfeldt06 Feb, 2008; 10:26
I just recently heard this information and was once again shocked and disappointed in the “Catholic Church” and those who represent it to the world.
Fr Jim Murphy06 Feb, 2008; 10:50
P O Box 216
Portage, Wi 53901
Megan J Pedersen06 Feb, 2008; 14:01
Marquette Alum, class of 2002. As a Catholic, an educator, and an activist, I believe Jesus clearly preached non-violence, love your neighbor, and peace. Therefore, I support this petition and stand against the Departments of Military Science at MU and the illegal and immoral war in Iraq.
Ann M. Clune07 Feb, 2008; 15:37
89 Pine St. Binghamton, NY
cynthiabanas07 Feb, 2008; 15:44
i am grateful that you are sponsoring this petition. the reason i dropped out of pax christi usa is that they talk peace but continue to support these catholic jesuit colleges that speak peace but sponsor killer rotc programs. one can’t have it both ways. for the common good, abolish war.
Michael Salamone07 Feb, 2008; 16:29
I am an alumnus of another college which hosts ROTC, Niagara University. I have also petitioned our President, Joseph Levesque, CM, to rid the campus of this blight, to no avail. I think it is contrary to everything the Gospel preaches to house this atrocity which teaches people how to kill others and break things and calls it “leadership”.
Laurie Konwinski08 Feb, 2008; 12:48
I was a student in the Marquette study abroad program in Limoges, France in 1987. It is terrible to think that a Jesuit school is condoning, even passively, the unjust war in Iraq. I beg the Marquette administration to take a leadership role in the US Catholic Church, and call our country to the peacemaking we MUST do if we claim to be followers of Christ.
Judith Wood08 Feb, 2008; 15:17
Kirk Brown09 Feb, 2008; 11:32
w. michael slattery09 Feb, 2008; 16:22
Fundamentally, the Christian message of the Jesus of the gospels is one of justice, peace, non-violence, love and reconciliation. From Luke 4 with the Lukan Jesus beginning his public ministry, clearly based on Isaiah 58 & 61,the beatitudes and the 6 antitheses of Matthew 5 in the sermon on the mount and Luke 6 in the sermon on the plain, and Matthew 25 on the criteria for the last judgement, the message of Jesus, as witnessed in his own practice and his non-violent approach to injustice as witnessed most clearly in his death on the cross (Mt. 26: 52–53), is active non-violence and opposition to lethal force. Furthermore, Mark 12, if properly translated from the Septuagint clearly shows that Jesus is unwillingly to even recognize the Romans, who have defiled the temple and exploited the native Hebrews, as a legitimate authority to whom the Hebrews should even pay tax. The Christian scriptures are replete with the emphasis for the Christian to be a contrast in the society of violence and injustice.

Thus, even more so, it behooves Marquette University to desist in being scandal and stumbling block to its Christian students and the community by being complicit in supporting the US war machine. It is time for the Jesuits to come in line with their General Congregation (#33 and now 35) in standing up for justice and not being an accomplice to global militarism of a neo-imperial state. To support militarism and military study is both counter to the spirit of the Christian scriptures and the spirit of the Jesuits.
Eamon Holahan09 Feb, 2008; 17:24
David Kruse09 Feb, 2008; 17:26
Joseph Moriarty09 Feb, 2008; 17:29
There is no compromising the Truth!
Sandra Edhlund 09 Feb, 2008; 17:30
Maria J. Jenkins09 Feb, 2008; 17:31
Deborah Mettre09 Feb, 2008; 17:32
Work on empowering World Police. We don’t need war.
Sharon Pfrffert09 Feb, 2008; 17:34
Go CO!
Chris Koehoel09 Feb, 2008; 17:35
Sara Spence10 Feb, 2008; 14:42
Arthur Heitzer10 Feb, 2008; 16:16
1969 Liberal Arts Graduate with honors, president of student govt.(ASMU) 1968–1969. I was bloodied near the end of my term in the spring of 1969, by an MU security sgt., who grabbed me and slammed me against the wall repeatedly, in a successful attempt to physically prevent me from monitoring an ROTC exercise/commencement type ceremony, on our campus & outdoors, where I was among other things a full time student. This is just one small & personal example of how bringing the military on campus chills the search for truth and debate, not to mention Christian social principles.
Fr. Jim Hoffman OFM10 Feb, 2008; 16:54
Mary Lou Pedersen10 Feb, 2008; 17:58
Philip Zepp10 Feb, 2008; 18:35
I find it appalling to fund a war to keep the pockets of the Republicans and the Corporations lined with shekels.
Richard E Wuchte10 Feb, 2008; 18:43
Karen J Wuchte10 Feb, 2008; 18:44
David Corcoran10 Feb, 2008; 19:09
War, killing, violence, Occupation, abuse of any kind - these are all values that were opposed by Jesus. This is what soldiers are trained to do and why we should be opposed to allowing recruiting for the military to go on.
Militarism and Nationalism are not the same thing as Patriotism and Christianity and should not be treated as such.
Mary Alice Williams10 Feb, 2008; 19:29
I learned core gospel values in MU’s Theology program during another unjust war in the sixties. Please be a model of the gospel values you purport to teach and demilitarize Marquette.
Michael R. Williams10 Feb, 2008; 19:36
MU undergrad 1961, , Grad School MSME 1970
Don’t host ROTC - it makes no sense in light of your mission.
Rev. Larry Bernard, O.F.M.10 Feb, 2008; 20:35
If the Departments of Military Science teach values that are contrary to Gospel values and the teaching of Christian conscience how can Marquette University continue to host them?
Rev. Bob Kinsey10 Feb, 2008; 21:08
As a United Church of Christ Clergy I join with you all in the effort to reign in our militarism and violence as somehow an honorable way to solve problems. War is the ultimate “Right to Life” issue and even more so in the time when the civilian casualties are immensely higher than the military. And all labeled acceptable “collateral damage”.
Lorraine Highsmith10 Feb, 2008; 23:03
Mark Lesniewski11 Feb, 2008; 05:46
Father Darrell Rupiper, OMI11 Feb, 2008; 08:40
I am reminded of the words of the Prince of Peace: “Would that you knew the ways that make for peace!”
Ted John11 Feb, 2008; 11:16
It is incongruous to me that Marquette University would be part of the military industrial complex, especially by hosting a department of military science. President Eisenhower, a military man, predicted correctly that this mentality could bring our country down. If anything, Marquette University, my university, undergraduate, 1961, needs to take a stand in counteracting this misplaced thinking by being a leader in establishing true peace at home and abroad.
Jim Clune11 Feb, 2008; 13:53
I am a graduate of LeMoyne. Ignatius helped me become an adult. In the context of learning to build the human reality I find it impossible to think that ROTC can be part of that process. If military matters need to be studied, it can be a separate academic course where recruiting is nowhere in evidence, the War Department doesn’t give money to a Christian university, and the evils of militarism are recognized. Let’s get real here about justice and peace! No more ROTC!
Frank Woolever11 Feb, 2008; 14:59
Our youth need gospel values!
Kate Brenner, OSF11 Feb, 2008; 16:46
When Jesus said, “Follow me”, I can’t believe,in my wildest imagination, that it had anything to do with ROTC or any departments of Military Science.
John & Helenmarie Zachritz12 Feb, 2008; 12:49
It is appalling that the Catholic university that hosts the Catholic Worker archives can also host the very military-industrial complex that she fought her whole life against. Helenmarie’s dad’s papers are also there; he was a Catholic Worker and a conscientious objector in WWII.
Fr. Bernard Survil12 Feb, 2008; 13:08, Tel: 724–850–1616. Member of the Initiating Committee of the Franz Jagerstatter People to Break the Silence:
Steven G. Szymanski13 Feb, 2008; 16:17
In honor of my uncle, Roger J. Szymanski, who was a MU graduate in the 1950s. I suggest a re-reading of the Gospels for those that are allowing this to continue.
Joseph Radoszewski14 Feb, 2008; 21:19
MUHS graduate 1966; lifetime Catholic, ‘ruined’ by the Jesuits to be “faithful to the Gospel”.

The MO’s of our government and probably most powerful governing bodies, including those of our Catholic institutions, are one’s which seek to glorify, justify and intensify their influences based on the desires of the greatest portion of that smallest percentage of the few holding the greatest amount of power, influence and wealth … even against the will of 95+% of the remainder.

A product of this is the falsification and/or justification of the news, the facts and the cover ups themselves to the point of absurdity. No wonder people are bewildered when our leaders have consented and committed to the appeasement of that small minority of the power and wealth brokers, even to the point of deceiving themselves with self-serving rationalization and aggrandizement. “Truth Will Out” … but not before great tragedy unfolds.

MU, stop supporting this unjust occupation of Iraq. Stop this immoral occupation of our Catholic institutions. Stop the continued justifications for actions contrary to the Gospels upon which we have built our lives and hopes.
Robert A Rienzi15 Feb, 2008; 08:54
Barbara Eisenberg15 Feb, 2008; 08:57
I agree that this war is unjust and immoral. It doesn’t matter what faith we belong to. However, if Marquette is supposed to be faithful to the Gospel, I don’t know how it can continue to support a Department of Military Science. Abolishing these departments would set a great example for private as well as public colleges and universities.
Steven Shea15 Feb, 2008; 09:17
MU Grad School 85
Mark E. Foreman15 Feb, 2008; 09:29
My wife is a graduate of Marquette Law School in Milwaukee, and I was a combat corpsman in the Vietnam War. I was raised with, and believe in the teachings of Jesus. How can Marquette University possibly justify allowing a Department of Military Science to be on any, let alone, nine of your colleges and universities? SHAME!!!!
Ray Hallstrand15 Feb, 2008; 10:09
Look at this website:
Thank You
Ray Hallstrand
Edith L. DeBrue15 Feb, 2008; 11:13
Joan Bleidorn15 Feb, 2008; 11:22
Marquette must oppose this illegal, unjust and immoral war, as a Catholic University committed to Christian values.
Joan Bleidorn15 Feb, 2008; 11:38
Marquette must be faithful to gospel values, as a Catholic university committed to Christian and Jesuit values, and must oppose the presence of ROTC on campus.
Jacob Flom15 Feb, 2008; 12:59
Erin Wolaver15 Feb, 2008; 14:24
I am a graduate from the Marquette University class of 1999-and I agree that a Jesuit institution should not encourage the use of violence to solve problems. I am currently a volunteer with the Dominicans, whom share many Jesuit values, including greatly valuing peace. Therefore, it is difficult for me to understand why a Jesuit institution hosts a department of Military Science. We need to take a stand in a country that spends more on military defence than on programs of social uplift.
Shelly Roder15 Feb, 2008; 14:46
Mary Laan15 Feb, 2008; 15:02
War is an act of terrorism rarely justified by circumtances, just as terrorism is a policy of violence, as is war, rarely justified by circumstances. The difference between the two is that war is sponsored by a government that is (generally considered to be)legitimate, and terrorism is usually CALLED TERRORISM because it is sponsored by a group that is not named as a state, but also is almost invariably quite desperate to simply be heard. The act of war is otherwise no different than, is indeed, terrorism.

War is not OK.
Terrorism is not OK.

I invoke all of us to think of new ways to solve problems, not exacerbate them with violence! We can not afford to accept either, nor use violent tactics to enforce our opinions.
Kari Couture15 Feb, 2008; 15:10
Marcia Lee, Marquette Graduate Student15 Feb, 2008; 15:41
Dawn Follendorf15 Feb, 2008; 16:01
Sally J. Nordstrom15 Feb, 2008; 17:44
Mark Peters16 Feb, 2008; 09:13
Dennis Johnson16 Feb, 2008; 11:13
Marya A. Bradley16 Feb, 2008; 13:28
Matt Pappas16 Feb, 2008; 17:58
Stephen Vincent Kobasa17 Feb, 2008; 07:42
Peter Holzberger17 Feb, 2008; 15:19
MU should disassociate itself from anything to do with the military and furthermore from the United States government as long as the current immoral leadership continues.
Mike Layden17 Feb, 2008; 15:36
Father Carl Diederichs17 Feb, 2008; 19:52
Wendy Cipolaro18 Feb, 2008; 10:02
There have been no significant positive outcomes of this war and I refuse to let my country sink further into debt to continue funding acts of violence and oppression.
Mike Ehr 18 Feb, 2008; 10:17
We must keep in mind that this current war in Iraq was based on a set of well choreographed lies. How many people on both sides must die for this offence. The church should be speaking out against those who deliberately kill and lie for power. I am more concerned about what this current administration has done to America than I am with the terrorists. Lies, torture, erosion of the Constitution, illegal spying on citizens: we are starting to become that which we condemn. What would Jesus do?
Marta Weber18 Feb, 2008; 13:03
Tom Boswell, MU graduate18 Feb, 2008; 13:04
Marquette, it is time to be faithful to the Gospel. It is time to choose the path of Jesus rather than the “Christianity” of Constantine.
James Zelinski, OFM Cap18 Feb, 2008; 16:06
Maureen Haig18 Feb, 2008; 17:55
Erik Sperling18 Feb, 2008; 22:37
Donald Schiewer18 Feb, 2008; 22:41
John Couture19 Feb, 2008; 08:45
Janet C. Olson19 Feb, 2008; 10:36
History tells us that all wars are evil. No body wins. Keep teaching the Catholic morals of love and tolerance. This is not a place to glorify death and destruction. Peace and Love are the answers.
Michael Brady20 Feb, 2008; 07:28
Marquette University needs to get out of the “military” science business and teach faithful to the Gospel of Christ.
Kurt Johnson20 Feb, 2008; 17:31
Where is Marquette’s conscience? War is not pro-life.Perhaps a statue of Mars, god of war, should be erected on campus.
Nick Jaszewski20 Feb, 2008; 19:54
Tom Radoszewski21 Feb, 2008; 07:34
The training of young persons to participate in war and the killing for which war is designed should not be in the curriculum of any university, let alone one that espouses the teachings of Jesus Christ.
John Hien21 Feb, 2008; 16:42
How many MU administrators accompany the body bags home?….I don’t believe the military is evil. It’s just used for evil purposes, such as the unnecessary war in Iraq. Having experienced war very close & personal in Vietnam, I would like to think the MU administrators, and “we the people” would do everything we can to resolve differences peacefully….
Mary Sundberg-Stirling22 Feb, 2008; 15:40
Marquette alum ‘69. The Catechism of the Catholic Church (par.2307) says: The fifth commandment forbids the intentional destruction of human life. Because of the evils and injustices that accompany all war, the Church insistently urges everyone to prayer and to action so that the divine Goodness may free us from the ancient bondage of war. (Gaudium et spes 81 par.4.) Do you suppose the divine Goodness will view ROTC as our petition to be freed from the ancient bondage of war? Jesus walked the walk - all the way to Calvary. Is that what we are afraid of? To trust that counterintuitive truth? It is better to die than to kill. Until we refuse to kill someone who would kill us, because we love that person and know they are precious to God just as we are, we will be cursed with unending war.

If we allow the Resurrection to free us from the sting of death, the pinch of the pocketbook will hardly concern us at all. Marquette’s vision and mission will be best fulfilled - nay, only fulfilled - by a true “commitment to … moral excellence.”
Sarah “Sally” Sommers26 Feb, 2008; 15:38
I have thought about this challenge for a long time. The ROTC does give some folks thst would not otherwise get to go to these schools an opportunity togo to school but as the WAR goes on and others start all over the world, I beieve that Marquette can take this opportunity to lead the WAY in showing that WAR is not the answer and does not follow the WAY of Jesus. Scholarships could be given for Humanitarian Studies Etc. As A Marquette Grad of 1954,whose husband and daughter and son-in-law graduated from Marquette, I encourage you to be strong and pray and reflect that this is the time to stop Rotc at Marquette. I commend you for opening up a Peace Studies Program-Thanks and peace,
David Corcoran26 Feb, 2008; 15:48
This war must end now and Marquette should do nothing that would continue it including supporting the rotc.
Judith Kelly26 Feb, 2008; 19:27
Jason Moon26 Feb, 2008; 19:35
S. Angela Ireland, SSSF26 Feb, 2008; 23:25
Please close this military school and presence on the MU campus. It doesn’t reconcile with Catholic Social teaching. An MU alumn (BA, MA Theology)
James P. and Sharon L. O’Brien27 Feb, 2008; 00:29
Leonard Baenen27 Feb, 2008; 00:29
Jerry Moe27 Feb, 2008; 07:51
Alice Zachmann 4012 29 Street, Mt Rainier MD 2071227 Feb, 2008; 08:25
As a Catholic I am concerned about our churches’ institutions that advocate violence, rather than teaching how to negotiate to bring about lasting peace.
Robert Burkart-Lemke27 Feb, 2008; 08:31
Tom Williams27 Feb, 2008; 10:01
As a disabled Vietnam Veteran, I know the cost of war and it is too high to continue to train people when so many alternatives exist for which we don’t train people.
Fr. Jerome Zawada, OFM27 Feb, 2008; 11:06
Bob, Thank you much for initiating this important petition.

I have fond memories of the several years I’ve lived in Milwaukee, joining Phil Runkel and many others in our regular demonstrations at Marquette, urging the closure of ROTC. Now more than ever it’s critical that we take action to stop the bloodshed in Iraq & elsewhere. Blessings upon this most sacred venture. With solidarity & gratitude. Jerry Zawada
Martha Hennessy01 Mar, 2008; 11:04
My grandmother Dorothy Day would be weeping today about the role that Catholics are playing in the endless war making. Prayer and penance we must pursue.
Calvin Kimbrough02 Mar, 2008; 19:06
Jack Gilroy03 Mar, 2008; 07:49
When I graduated from a Jesuit college many decades ago, I was indoctrinated with the Just War theory. Time and circumstances have so altered that false doctrine. It could be said that Jesuits are trapped by centuries of teaching that it’s O.K. to kill—even in massive numbers, even whole cities and towns—as long as a government gives the order.

The centuries old charge against the Jesuits as crafty and equivocal now seems to have merit. It’s time for the Jesuits to admit they have embraced a false doctrine. Neither Ignatius nor Augustine or Cardinal Spellman etc. should be the guide of Christian nonviolence. The example we have to follow is that of Jesus Christ, God made man—not man playing God.

Jack Gilroy
Nick Kushner03 Mar, 2008; 10:11
Ray Hallstrand04 Mar, 2008; 10:02
Impeach bush for mass murder and war crimes
Leslie “Buzz” Davis07 Mar, 2008; 11:32
Marquette Univ. should set the standard for all private and public schools by formally speaking out against illegal wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan - which are both in violation of the United Nations Charter and the US Constitution. The University should also call for the impeachment of Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney as the leaders of these illegal wars. Buzz Davis, Veterans for Peace and WI Impeachment/Bring Our Troops Home Coalition —
Tom Spellman07 Mar, 2008; 11:38
arsenia reilly07 Mar, 2008; 11:59
ocean grove, nj
Ann Westendorf Hirt07 Mar, 2008; 12:03
Dayton, Ohio
Helen Stevens07 Mar, 2008; 12:11
We can not have peace if we continue to compromise our Catholic values.
Pittsburg, CA
David Bigwood07 Mar, 2008; 12:13
walter fircowycz07 Mar, 2008; 12:47
right on!
Michael Murphy07 Mar, 2008; 13:06
Pete Long07 Mar, 2008; 13:24
Does Military Science teach Peace? Is ‘Promoting Non-violence’ on the agenda? No? Then let an institution other than Marquette host. Let’s try non-violence for a change. MU grad BSEE ‘82
S. Ann P. Remkus07 Mar, 2008; 13:35
Sister Carol Boschert, C.PP.S.07 Mar, 2008; 13:40
Please do not teach war to the young people.
We want PEACE!
Rev Dr Joseph Oechsle07 Mar, 2008; 13:42
The only Christian response to this war is the same as the words of Archbishop Romero: “Stop the oppression. Lay down your arms.” One may add: stop the insane preparation for war.
Jeanette Hernandez07 Mar, 2008; 13:56
Yes, the Gospels call us to be peacemakers, not war makers.
Catherine M. Holtkamp, CDP07 Mar, 2008; 14:10
Therese A. Hagemann07 Mar, 2008; 14:10
Christ’s whole message and mission calls us to love,forgive and become non-violent. All Catholic schools, churches and the hierarchy need to teach all it can to carry out the mission of Christ. Marquette needs to stop its Department of Military Science or else stop claiming to be a Christian school.
Joseph Skelley07 Mar, 2008; 14:25
It’s appropriate for a Catholic university to face, address and debate every issue facing humanity, including issues of war and peace. It’s not appropriate for a Catholic university to actively support an unjust and evil war. “Put away your sword,” said Jesus to Peter.
Jeanne Allen07 Mar, 2008; 14:35
We need to stand firm in the non-violence of Jesus, even when it is a lonely place.
Armando Tasistro07 Mar, 2008; 14:55
No more wars!!!
Joyce F. Guinn07 Mar, 2008; 15:01
A Sabas07 Mar, 2008; 15:05
Please see the poem Dead Soldiers And Civilians Speak by Fr. Denny O’Mara
Beth Davies, CND07 Mar, 2008; 15:15
Sister Nan Pfefferle07 Mar, 2008; 15:42
There will continue to be war as long as we continue to prepare for it. Our Catholic institutions must “risk” living the Gospel and witnessing a commitment to peace with real action. MU just do it! God will provide blessings in abundance.
Constance Mancuso07 Mar, 2008; 15:59 
Sister Rose Miriam Gansle, IWBS07 Mar, 2008; 16:06
I ask that you witness the value of the dignity of human life by closing your Departments of Military Science.

Thank you!
Elaine Pawlak07 Mar, 2008; 16:20
William Sell07 Mar, 2008; 17:20
In the name of Jesus!!
Charles A. Fritsch, PhD07 Mar, 2008; 18:38
Sister Martin Vandervest07 Mar, 2008; 18:39
Marcia Torpey07 Mar, 2008; 18:41
Fr. Jeff Horejsi07 Mar, 2008; 18:51
It is time to say “NO!” to war and the preparations for war. If not people who follow Jesus, then who?
Frank O’Gorman07 Mar, 2008; 20:33
MARK SALAMON07 Mar, 2008; 21:47
Dr. Mary Ogles07 Mar, 2008; 23:22
Elaine Chan08 Mar, 2008; 00:43
Sister Susanne Chenot, OSB08 Mar, 2008; 07:54
It’s bad enough that some Catholic Colleges have ROTC on campus, let alone departments of the military. I wonder if the language of the instructors would change if Jesus walked into the classrooms. If it would, then it’s wrong.
Michael J. Kidney, Darien, Illinois08 Mar, 2008; 10:53
Kerida O’Reilly08 Mar, 2008; 11:21
Mary M Smith08 Mar, 2008; 12:14
Representing: Church Women United of Chemung County NY; Church Women United of NYS; Ladies of Charity of Chemung County NY; Court St Joseph #139, Catholic Daughters of the Americas, Corning/Elmira NY; Past Regents Club, Catholic Daughters of the Americas, Diocese of Rochester NY
janine arseneau08 Mar, 2008; 14:02
in good conscience, how can a Jesuit university house, host and promote any dept dedicated to the destruction of life, to the antithesis of peace, to the descration of the human spirit? It is time for Marquette University to have the courage of its convictions, and to act on them by closing military science departments and by taking an active stand against an unjust war without end.
Marie Kullman08 Mar, 2008; 14:17
Janie Marie Stein08 Mar, 2008; 14:38
Let us be the prophetic voice that we are called to be: that war and preparation for war are not solutions to our problems, that God does not bless war.
Kathleen Burkcurt-Lehmke08 Mar, 2008; 15:22
We need training for Peace not War
Laura Kukoc08 Mar, 2008; 15:23
MU Grad for Peace
Bernie Allen08 Mar, 2008; 15:24
MU should be for peace. Jesus was the prince of peace
Jarvis Martell08 Mar, 2008; 15:26
UWM Grad
Steven Shea08 Mar, 2008; 15:27
MU Alumni
Susan Dapont08 Mar, 2008; 15:28
Dennis Leyer08 Mar, 2008; 15:28
Karen Teyer08 Mar, 2008; 15:29
Our children should not be used.
Eileen Schalk08 Mar, 2008; 15:29
Meghan O’Connell08 Mar, 2008; 15:30
Lisa Stefaniak08 Mar, 2008; 15:30
Michael Rossmann, nSJ08 Mar, 2008; 15:31
William Brennan, S.J.08 Mar, 2008; 15:31
Matt Wagner08 Mar, 2008; 15:32
Dennis Johnson08 Mar, 2008; 15:32
Robert Burkart08 Mar, 2008; 15:33
Tom Nierler08 Mar, 2008; 15:33
Debbie Metke08 Mar, 2008; 15:34
Linda Mistele08 Mar, 2008; 15:35
Eleanor Wegman08 Mar, 2008; 17:00
As a parent of two Marquette alumnae and the grandmother of a current student I feel that the military presence at a Catholic university is inconsistent with the teachings of Christ. I have always felt that in many ways Marquette did an excellent job in providing opportunities for students to be educated in how to bring the Christian message into society, but feel that the military presence is indeed a contradiction to Christian values.
Dominica Lo Bianco08 Mar, 2008; 21:02
Let us host Department For Peace instead.
Mary Jane Cope08 Mar, 2008; 22:39
Janice Blandin08 Mar, 2008; 23:17
As a consistently pro-life Catholic, I pray that you will teach the values Jesus taught us. Teach your students that there is no place for a Catholic in an organization that teaches killing.
Patricia Donnelly09 Mar, 2008; 07:09
Patrick Nugent09 Mar, 2008; 08:53
Father of three Marquette grads and graduate of ROTC in 1961, Xavier University. It’s time for all of us to rethink our participation in “preparation for war” and say “No, no more.”
Kevin O’Neill09 Mar, 2008; 08:57
Institutions define themselves by what they support and who they welcome. Sadly, MU continues to identify itself with militarism. You don’t have to be a Quaker to recognize that the military presence corrupts BOTH the educational and moral missions of the University. Anyone who witnessed the violent actions that the University itself has used to meet the legitimate dissent of its own students can attest to this. Shame on us!
Sr. Joan Arnold09 Mar, 2008; 13:32
I am a MU graduate of 1964. I am disappointed in MU and urge the administration to stop hosting the Departments of Military Science. To continue is contrary to Gospel values and Catholic social justice teaching as it supports an unjust and immoral war.
Ken Wells09 Mar, 2008; 14:58
“NO TO WAR”! War is not always inevitable. It is always a defeat for humanity. International law, honest dialogue, solidarity between States, the noble exercise of diplomacy: these are methods worthy of individuals and nations in resolving their differences. I say this as I think of those who still place their trust in nuclear weapons and of the all-too-numerous conflicts which continue to hold hostage our brothers and sisters in humanity.
Pope John Paul II
Stephanie Spandl, SSND09 Mar, 2008; 19:06
Dr. William J. Sneck, S.J., Ph.D.09 Mar, 2008; 21:01
Jesuit Center for Spiritual Growth, Wernersville, PA
Katherine Schiltz10 Mar, 2008; 12:00
My grandfather attended Marquette almost 100 years ago during a time when everyone thought war could solve our problems. It is time to rethink outmoded concepts like war and take up the gospel message of PEACE. The establishment doen not support peace but education, especially Catholic education must.
Evelyn Rodriguez10 Mar, 2008; 13:28
Jack MacFadyen, Pax Christi USA10 Mar, 2008; 21:00
Bob Osborne11 Mar, 2008; 13:12
Blessed are the peacemakers.
Bonnie Murphy11 Mar, 2008; 14:27
Polly Ohman12 Mar, 2008; 11:48
I sincerely support this petition and cannot comprehend Marquette’s hosting the Dept. of Military Science.
David Paul Xavier Burch15 Mar, 2008; 15:14
Laura Baldus Murphy18 Mar, 2008; 08:43
Beth Awalt19 Mar, 2008; 00:28
Sister Mary Dosta19 Mar, 2008; 21:17
I am saddened to see a Jesuit university connected to the military. The gospel values of nonviolence need to be witnessed by our Catholic universities.
Barbara R. Kingston20 Mar, 2008; 10:43
John Sullivan25 Mar, 2008; 01:50
“No man can be a Christian and a soldier at the same time, for the two ideas are wholly incompatible.” —W. E. WOODWARD
Richard sahn25 Mar, 2008; 13:14
Stop supporting war
Gregory W. Bolter01 May, 2008; 21:05
The lust to kill and abuse Muslims doesn’t belong in America.
Susan A. Riedel02 May, 2008; 09:12
Trevor Smith02 May, 2008; 11:22
Ending the Educational-Military complex is an important move in ending the poverty draft, and let it begin at Marquette! Let us take seriously the mantra of “money for books and education, not for war and occupation.” -Trevor Smith, Marquette Philosophy Department.
Bob Collins03 May, 2008; 20:28
Sr. Jeanne Rusch04 May, 2008; 20:39
Ernst F. Schmovk04 May, 2008; 20:40
Marilyn Hurking04 May, 2008; 20:41
Ed Werstein04 May, 2008; 20:41
Heidi S. Krause04 May, 2008; 20:42
Jerome Kilerson04 May, 2008; 20:42
Lois Roysle04 May, 2008; 20:43
Kyle R. Villarred Sr.04 May, 2008; 20:45
Jean Andrew04 May, 2008; 20:45
Mary DeCleene04 May, 2008; 20:46
Maryse Kontowski04 May, 2008; 20:46
Sr. Rosemary Bonk04 May, 2008; 20:47
Ann Fox04 May, 2008; 20:47
Mary Dix04 May, 2008; 20:48
N. Longreck04 May, 2008; 20:48
Barbara Pfarr04 May, 2008; 20:49
Ann Marie Trautiuein04 May, 2008; 20:49
Pat Zealley23 Jun, 2008; 19:05
koshin, Bob Hanson27 Jun, 2008; 14:40
Helen Gourlay, BVM26 Aug, 2008; 08:32
Lydia Roussos07 Dec, 2008; 19:41
Carlo Giombi08 Dec, 2008; 08:26
How can we call ourselves Christian while refusing to follow his call? When we choose money or inertia over Jesus true message, we sin against Him who is the one we call Christ. As James Baldwin puts it “If one believes in the Prince of Peace one must stop committing crimes in the name of the Prince of Peace.” Marquette, stop hiding behind your ignorant rationalizations, and step up to follow your Christian, Catholic, IGNATION, message to ‘make swords into plowshares,’ stop allowing ROTC on campus, and ‘bear your cross,’ ‘take your place with that criminal Jew’ as every Christian must.
Brian Suerth08 Dec, 2008; 09:07
Say no to ROTC. This is a clear contradiction of Marquette’s core values and must be reconsidered.
Mary Sullivan21 Feb, 2009; 10:37
Catholic Universities have for too long been an engine for the military contrary to the core teaching of Jesus—LOVE of enemy. Let Marguette lead the way to change from this misleading of our young.
Kevin O’Neill, 197119 Apr, 2009; 11:36
There is no moral justification for any University to support a military that engages in preemptive war. For a Catholic and Jesuit institution to do so is deeply disturbing.
Meagan Winn01 May, 2009; 22:08
Don and Roberta Thurstin Timmerman20 Sep, 2009; 16:49
Lynn Goodman-Strauss27 Sep, 2009; 10:34
How can a Roman Catholic university, subject to the Gospel of Jesus (“Those who live by the sword will die by the sword,” Jesus) possibly allow military training and recruiting on its campus at any time, much less during a war condemned by Pope John Paul II!?
Marliss Rogers05 Dec, 2009; 12:06
The article about St. Ignatius Loyola’s principles as they relate to military service confirms what I have long felt: to be a “Catholic” institution and welcome ROTC/military trainers on campus is contradictory, to say the least. We must all be the disciples of peace, as Jesus taught us.
Robert D. Thompson, 8807 May, 2010; 05:21
Brian Madden11 Jul, 2010; 11:43
Teach war no more. Catholic values is not teaching war.
Gloria Strache02 Aug, 2010; 00:07
As someone familiar with several Marquette U alumni who have worked for peace since 1968, I support this petition to the administration of Marquette U nolonger support an unjust and immoral war in Iraq, and stop hosting depts of military science for nin colleges and universities.
JR29 Sep, 2010; 20:01
Marliss Rogers04 Dec, 2010; 12:25
I am a resident of Port Washington, WI
Dianne Henke17 Sep, 2011; 20:29
Cletus Stein31 Oct, 2011; 15:49
I pray you have the courage to reject this mortal temptation to keep the killing going around the world!
Your Name31 Oct, 2011; 15:50
Donia Desautels04 Nov, 2011; 08:58
Kathleen Burkart-Lemke04 Nov, 2011; 12:00
Marilynn Weiland04 Nov, 2011; 14:12
Liberal Arts ‘70
Barbara Messerknecht19 Feb, 2012; 13:32
In the name of Gospel of non violence, stop
Jim Martin16 Jul, 2012; 18:00
War is sometimes necessary, when all other reasonable efforts to avoid it have failed. A strong national defense is a necessity, not a luxury. ROTC trains leaders to defend out country against enememies, both foreign and domestic. May God protect them. What they are doing is not wrong or immoral.
jim sutton16 Jul, 2012; 18:02
So during WWII when German U-Boats were off the coast of Maine, maybe all you would have allowed youself to be decimated by the Nazi’s Not me friends. I would defend myself, and I think most Americans would agree with me.
Dumb Dumb Dumb18 Jul, 2012; 14:14
Most of the people on here were students during the Vietnam War. These were the same students who avoided military service through deferments and perhaps some went to Canada or burned their draft cards. Perhaps these were the same people who called soldiers returing from Nam baby killers and host or myriad of expletives. You can disagree with the war, but respect the warrior. The US Army and the US Military serves one purpose, to protect Americans and American interests. If you regard the US Military as an instrument of terrorism or imperialism or any other ism, you have been reading too much left wing propaganda. ROTC trains officers to lead men in battle? Would you rather have an Army with no leaders. Would you rather have no Army at all? Perhaps Al-Queda can attack a few more buildings and we can just sit around smoke a joint and sing kum-bay-a or play old Peter Paul and Mary records. I don’t think that deals with the problem. I think some of the comments on here are insane and show a very twisted mind set. I might disagree with our motivation for going into Iraq or Vietnam but don’t attack the warrior. One question to the pieceniks, would you have stood outside the ROTC door during WWII? Was Hitler and Nazism not worth fighting against? Let’s think here…
Catherine Fontanazza16 Jan, 2013; 10:02
From the time I was a child, I have known and respected Marquett University. My father attended school there as well as four of my siblings. There is a large mark against the Univeristy when it takes money from the military and trains people in military actions and procedures.I ask you to discontinue taking the funds from the military and shut down your ROTC program. The money the military gives you should be coming from the federal government not the Pentagon. God bless you for the good work you do and remind you how wrong our huge military budget is.
Stan Spence16 Jan, 2013; 10:06
I don’t believe a Catholic institution should have anything to do with the military.
Joe Jones15 Apr, 2014; 07:07
Could you also kick off professors, admin and priests who condone same sex marriage, homosexuality and abortion. That also contradicts the Gospels as well.
Patricia McCormick23 Aug, 2016; 21:49
For decades I have been against the immoral position of Catholic Universities having ROTC on campus. I am grateful hat the students are resisting ROTC presence ad education at Marquette.
Bernadette Naro01 Nov, 2017; 14:18
John Buckson12 Feb, 2018; 17:59

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