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TeachWarNoMore: Nonviolent Action At Gesu

Breaking the Silence Nonviolent Action at Gesu on Marquette Campus May 2, 2010

Breaking The Silence first nonviolent direct action was to greet those leaving the Sunday afternoon student mass at Gesu with a visual sense of the violence and death resulting from the base School of Army located at Marquette University. Here, in words and pictures, is our message.


Close the Base School Of the Army on the Marquette University Campus

The Golden Eagle Battalion on campus teaches students from 8 colleges and universities Army values and rules of engagement for war that are contrary to the values of the Catholic Church and most major religions.

Call Father Simon Harak S.J., Director of the Center for Peacemaking at (414) 288–8444, and Ms. Stephanie Russell, vice president of the office of mission and ministry at 414–288–1881 to demand closing the base School of the Army (SOA) at Marquette.

It is immoral and unethical for Marquette University to host military training on campus!

What would Dorothy Day say?

Catholic Workers and Military on Campus

Can the Marquette administration, faculty, staff and student body continue to ignore this message and this voice for the voiceless?

“Tell the Jesuits … that they are committing mortal sin because they are supporting the forces of death which are killing our people.” (Father Ignacio Ellacuria S.J., one of the martyrs in El Salvador talking to John Dear S.J. in 1985 about military on Catholic Jesuit campuses}

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