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Diary of a Worm’s Life in a Home “Growing Power” Box and Garden

Rain Garden
August 2010

Tomatoes & Basil
from Front Lawn
Garden 2010

Back Yard
Garden 08/02/09

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Green, Red and Blue - Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Green, Blue, Red, Black and White

The Green Party does not like the way the Presidential Election went,
(If Clinton had won I doubt if they would be so upset)
So are spending millions and millions of dollars to recount the votes,
Which will most likely make no difference.
The Green Party is all for environment, making it sustainable and healthy,
(That is the principle at least)
But is spending no money to campaign for safe water for our children,
Especially, Black and Brown children who suffer most from toxic lead in water.
The Green Party has the green money to make a big thing about a little thing
But does not have the green money to make a big thing about a big thing.
Maybe the Green party should change its name to the Green and Blue party
Since they support Democrats and hate the turning of States Red.
Or better yet, Greens can rise up with a Rainbow party,
Where Whites, Blacks, Browns, Blues, Reds, Blue and Greens
Can Work Together to Make America great for everyone!


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Wake Up America! - Thursday, November 24, 2016

Wake up America!

Two parties had candidates for election as president of the USA.
One party ran a campaign of fear of the other candidate
And promised more of the same of the last eight years,
Which has been
widening gap between rich and poor,
Record number of deportations,
Major arms deals, even to nations that stand for opposite values of USA,
More wars and bombing, now seven countries,
More “killer drones”
Greater incarceration of black men,
Support of fracking and leasing public lands to companies for fossil fuel extraction,
Support of regime change like in Honduras,
Three new nuclear weapon plants and a new and more dangerous nuclear weapon,
Elimination of safety net, like food stamps
This candidate, supported by liberals, progressives, many Democrats, Wall Street, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, left and the Military/Industrial/ educational Complex had the most money and Lost

The other candidate, not a professional politician had no record to run on but promised change and to “to drain the swamp” of US government.
For his rhetoric he has been called a “racist, sexist, Islamophobia and all kinds of other names,
Names his language and promises well deserved
Also he has spoken of taking some of the trillions we are spending our wars and putting it back into our country for needy infrastructure projects,
He does not support “regime change”,
But Supports term limits, Electoral College reform, health care for those with major mental health illnesses,
Reigning in banks and Wall Street and other stuff the left normally likes.
But all this is just talk also since he has not govern yet.
This candidate is supported by conservatives, many Republicans, working class and right, had less money and Won

The candidate who won has awaked the peace and social justice organization and movements.
Immediately after the election they started protesting the president elect and plan more and bigger actions after he takes office
The large uproar on the left does not seem to be on what he has done or holding him accountable but on his past rhetoric and what he might do.
We were a divided nation going into the election and now are becoming more divided.
The “powers that be”, who gave us these two unacceptable choices must be glad.
Now that we can fight each other instead of holding the president and government accountable.

They can continue with more wars, rich being richer, poor getting poor, more death, destruction and violence.
If united the people would stand tall and strong no matter who the president is,
But divided, calling each other names and occasional committing acts of violence
Continues the Status Quo of government controlled by 1% of the people.

When will we ever learn that only by working together with love, not hate, with kindness not meanness, by dialog not ignoring we will overcome
I just do not get it. Wake up American the opportunity for peace and justice exist with us.
We are the ones we are looking for.


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Terror Tuesday Takeout - Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Facebook Friend, a retired African American Judge, led me to the web site of BAR, Black Agenda Report, black left newsletter. There I discovered this poem by a poet in residence at BAR, Raymond Nat Turner:

Terror Tuesday is what the White House calls the basement meetings at which the First Black President profiles and targets individuals and groups of people for summary assassination anywhere from Somalia to Standing Rock. Before Donald Trump even assumes the Oval Office, it’s already the new normal.

Tuesday Takeout
by BAR poet in residence Raymond Nat Turner

The Commander has a menu:
Yemeni youth at an outdoor café
Grandmother, grandsons gardening okra
in Afghanistan
Hospital in Pakistan
Menu for us, too:
BP Seafood in Sauce of Crude
Gasoline Spill Soup
Bomb Train Tatar
Baked Buffoon’s overdone—
Stinks—like food poison on a plate;
PTS: Permission To Shudder,
Clinging to crimson combat boots
Of Golda-plated Iron Lady
Haliburton, Boeing, General Dynamic,
Monsanto, Exxon Chefs cut corners,
substitute cuts, pass off overpriced,
over-spiced, sodium-laden,
Empty calorie dishes as democracy

We have a menu too:
To our left, two doors down
Resistance Buffet—new dishes constantly—
Ain’t cheap—but all you can eat—filling,
stick to your ribs, seconds are cool—
Even thirds, fourths…of:
Lunch Counter Sit-in
Mass Meeting
Arab Spring Rolls
Tunisian Salad
Standing Rock Soup
Wildcat Strike
Ferguson Fries
Bus Boycott
Occupy/ Wisconsin Coffee


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