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(Editor’s note: This is a page created by three Graf Grandchildren — Carson, then 9; Dustin, then 6; Carolee, then 2 — with just a little technical help from Papa Bob)

2012 has been a very busy year so far for the Graf Kids so Papa Bob has taken the liberty of adding some pictures of Graf Kids.

Dustin Graf’s Art work from 6th grade, June 2012

Carson graduates 8th grade and shows a cow at Wisconsin State Fair

Carolee and a Italian Racing Sausage at Miller Park Summer 2012

Graf Kids 2012

Carson’s Personal Web site


Graf Kids with Cousins

Dustin John Graf First Holy Communion May 3, 2009

Happy Halloween from Graf Kids

Dustin, Carolee & Carson

Graf Kids 07/05/08

See the Graf Kids Art Gallery


Read about Dustin and Papa Bob’s day at the Milwaukee Public Museum

Carolee at Ballet
Recital, 4/12/08

Carolee and Dandelion 5/15/08

The Mystery of the Missing Pizza

A story by Carson Graf

Once upon a time there was a boy named Sam. He was sitting in the shed when his friend Tim came up. Tim said “Someone stole my pizza” So they went to the Pizza parlor to look around for clues. The found one! They found some fingerprints at the table that Tim was sitting at. Sam asked Tim, “Where were you when the pizza went missing?” “In the restroom to wash my hands.” They didn’t find any more clues so they just went home to think about it.

The next day, Tim came up to Sam again and he said “Someone stole my pizza again!” Sam asked, “Where you were this time?” “I was going to get a fountain drink. I had put my pizza down and went to get a drink. When I turned around it was gone!” They go to the pizza parlor and all they find this time was spilled soda.

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Carson Graf’s 2007 book report advertisement

Carolee is Three and Still Free, May 24, 2007

Watch a slide show of the many pictures of her that Papa Bob has taken over the last three years while listening to some music.

Read the Interview with Carolee.

This is me and my cat Jacko

See the short story The War of Toys by Carson Graf, below.

Poem by Carson

My name is Carson Graf. I studied Nevada in school. Here is a poem about Nevada.


Photos by Dustin Age 6

Farm Cat 06

Late Summer Flower 04

The War of Toys

By Carson Graf, Age 9, Jan. 2007

I am a girl and my name is George Harnold Stinkerbizer. My dad always wanted a son, so he named me George and gave me lots of boy type toys to play with.
One night I went to sleep and when I woke up it was midnight. I had the strangest feeling and I was dizzy. I got up and saw all these handsome men, they were like soldiers, all lined up in a row. BAM! A crack of lightning struck and all these Jack in the Boxes started popping up all over the place. Their leader was a big GI Joe.

I was so scared. We saw a terrific battle. Then Bam lighting struck out again and there was a cannon. Oh, My Gosh! They launched marbles at the people. One of the big handsome men gave us a rubber ball. I chucked the ball at the Jack in the boxes and they tipped over like bowling pins. Then I got the ball back. It was a bouncy ball and I kept chucking it at everybody.

BAM! Lightening struck for a third time and all these little GI Joes started walking all over the place. They were shooting all these little rubber balls out of the bazooka. I chucked my bounce ball at one of the bazookas and it bounced back and I took a lot of damage.

Out of the darkness came more of our Indian men for our team. They had bow and arrows. They launched at the GI Joes. The GI Joes were getting beaten up. BAM! Lightening struck again and all the GI Joes vanished.

Lightening struck again. Out of the darkness came a four foot tall GI Joe. I was shrunken so it was gigantic to me. Everyone vanished except for the GI Joe and me. The GI Joe pulled out his sword and a sword appeared in my hands. There was a tremendous battle between the GI Joe and me. I swung with all my might and sliced his sword in half. I sliced the GI Joe in half.

Lightening struck for a final time and all my toys were back and I was made Queen. I grew bigger and bigger and when I looked at the clock, it was one o’clock in the morning. I crawled in bed and went to sleep. When I got up for breakfast, I told everyone my tale, and they all thought it was a joke.


Graf Kids with Mom and Cousin William

December 30, 2006 (The Eve of New Year’s Eve)

By Carson - Today we went to Discovery World in Milwaukee with our Grandpa Bob and Grandma Pat. We saw our veins. We made paper boxes and we took a picture.

By Dustin – In the Aquarium, at Discovery World, we saw a human scuba diver and fish. We think we saw a swordfish too. We showed Grandma Pat the horseshoe crab. It looked skinny compared to the one we saw on our beach when we visited Cape Cod this summer. We saw a boat too.

By Carolee- I smiled for the camera because Papa told me I could have custard.

By Carson – We got custard!

By William - We watch a digital movie about fish. We made waves!

December 24, 2006

Today grandpa and I are making Graf Kids. We put my haiku on the page. Grandpa took a picture of the Graf kids. (by Carson)

(Haiku poem by Carson)

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