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GrafFamily: Graf Family

Bob’s family has found its way online,
in pictures and text.


has put up Peter Graf’s Artwork and zi slideshow

Bob and Pat’s grandchildren

started the page Graf Kids, with the Graf Kids art gallery, 2007′s 4th of July Pictures and Interview with Carolee at age 2

Pat has contributed

the Graf family recipe for Stuffed grape leaves.


began his online publication career with his email newsletter “Living Stones”, which is archived on the Hope to Healing website, and with his “Diary of a Worm” on James Godsil’s website. Now that he has this site of his own, his writing and pictures can be found in several places on the internet.

Extending the lessons of Growing Power

Diary of a Worm is Bob’s Journal of the Growing Power home model and other daily reflections.

For more “how to” and components to bring Growing Power home to your house and garden Bob has teamed up with Andor Horvath to create “Growing Renewable, Affordable Food” — G.R.A.F. System

Bob’s other writing and photographs:

Other people’s stuff

Bob has been instrumental in helping several other people and organizations get themselves online. Using the location and technology afforded by James Godsil’s “Online magazine and resource” wiki website, Bob has led the way for these people and groups to spread their messages:

And he’s not done yet!

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