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NoMoreMoneyForWar: No More Money for War

Military Spending Voting Records of Rep. Paul Ryan [R]and Rep.Gwen Moore [D] of Wisconsin from 2005 – 20012.

Open Letter from Afghan Youth to our World Leaders.

Wasteful Military Spending

Trillions of tax payers dollars wasted on military spending.

War Spending Records of Congresspersons Gwen Moore and James Sensenbrenner Jr

Free Palestine

US Taxpayers give Israel over 7 million dollars a day in military aid for the occupation of Palestine.

Corporations Profit from Permanent War: Memorial Day 2010 by Bill Quigley

Gates Says No to Wasteful War Spending

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says he will urge President Barack Obama to veto a coming $726 billion defense authorization bill if it contains funding for unwanted projects Gates has been trying to cut for years.

The cost of Iraq War in $.

Bringing the Federal Budget Home. Find the cost of war to your community.

No Moore War Spending

Sign the pledge to call Rep. Gwen Moore to tell her No More War Spending

Representative Gwen Moore’s Record on War Spending

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