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Cuba: Orchid of the Carribean

Ending Racism, Poverty and Violence in Milwaukee

Dorothy Day’s Worst Nightmare

Compare Milwaukee areas of unemployment, poverty, racial segregation, criminalization to locations of homicides.

Racism in Milwaukee

Justice for Dontre Hamilton
Mission of St. Vincent de Paul
Resurect the Rims at Doyne Park
Sacrificing the Vulnerable from Gaza to America
Stop Racism one Rim and one SVDP Thrift Store at a time!

|Good Guys, Act 4. Listen as soldier speaks out how the military taught him not only to kill, but to seek and enjoy killing. Marquette University Teaches Killing

M.A.P.S Maps of Segregation, Poverty, Criminalization of African Americans and the Catholic Churches in North Central Milwaukee
Bed Bugs and Landlords

Two victims of war

Child Soldiers and Military Training at Marquette University

M.A.P.S Maps of Segregation, Poverty, Criminalization of African Americans and the Catholic Churches in North Central Milwaukee

Marquette Teach War and Killing No More Sign the Petition

The Catholic Church in North Central Milwaukee
, Separate but Unequal,Million Dollar Move St. Vincent De Paul Stalled

To sign the petition or for more information email:

44 Year History of Nonviolent Resistance to Military at Marquette

Military Spending Voting Records of Rep. Paul Ryan [R]and Rep.Gwen Moore [D] of Wisconsin from 2005 – 20012.

TeachWarNoMore/DroneDebtAndClownOnBradyStreet |Drone,Debt and Clown at the Brady Street Festival.]]
Drones and Clowns
Father At War by Francis Pauc
Letters to the editor & friends
Killer Drones

People Power
The surprising power of nonviolence

US predator drone strike killed 25 people in the village of Spinwam. April 23, 2011

The Predators: Where is Your Democracy

Big Shots and Little Shots, an easy essay by Peter Maurin.
Pilgrimage of Peace 2011
Editorial Cartoons

‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ has been repealed. ROTC still shouldn’t be on campus.
Blowing the Dynamite Letter to the Provost of Marquette University
Breaking the Silence
Richer, Everyone Else Poorer]]
[[FeaturedArticle/RichGetRicher|Facts Show Rich Getting
Open Letter to Four Leaders of Morality in Milwaukee

An alternative view of everyday life in the military in Afghanistan by an elderly woman who has lived ‘alongside’ Afghani citizens, in effort to help enable and protect Afghani women in opposition to archaic Taliban suppression.
After Religion Fizzles, We’re Stuck With Nietzsche
23 Newsletters of Lorenzo Rosebaugh from Central America

Jim Harney’s Final Journal
Catholic Workers and Military Training on Catholic Campus

Conversation between Mahatma Gandhi and St. Ignatius Loyola on Nonviolence and Sustainability
Catholic Workers and Military Training on Catholic Campus

ROTC Has a Place at Marquette

Sign of Contradiction

Check if your local college or university is a military partner school or actually host the military on campus. ROTC Has a Place at Marquette

Franz Jagerstatter: Letters and Writings from Prison
Not Your Father’s Military
Cow Dung to Worm Castings and Energy
Pilgrimage of Peace Brochure 2010

“The problem in our communities today is not that we have conflict, but that we manufacture conflict and exaggerate differences to the point where it is very difficult to make meaningful change.” Frederick Douglas (see quotes)

Lincoln-Douglas Debate Forum on MU Hosting Military
Pilgrimage of Peace 2010

Coffins of victims of a missile attack
in Mir Ali near the Pakistan/Afghan border.
(Photo: Reuters)

Visitors and Hosts in Pakistan
Losing a Prophet by Ronald Rolheiser OMI

Mourning Fr. Larry Rosebaugh
Memorial To Lorenzo Rosebaugh, 1935–2009

Padre Lorenzo in El Salvator

Mourning Fr. Larry Rosebaugh
Memorial To Lorenzo Rosebaugh, 1935–2009
More Quotes from Thomas Merton

Parable: Invitation to Peacemakers

More Quotes by Thomas Merton

Products from the India of Mahatma Gandhi

cro mag 2 in Peter Graf’s Computer Art Gallery

Twick and Jake’s Organizaiton for Inspiration

Indian Recipes

Winning in Afghanistan

Money or Morals?
Pilgrimage of Peace
Interview with Bob Graf on New American Dream
There will be a Hour of Silent Prayer and Fasting Each Wednesday in Lent so Marquette Will Teach War No More On Its Campus to students from 14 Local Colleges and Universities. For more information contact MUPeace email .

Making War by Archbishop Dr. Robert M. Bowman,
New Quotes from Merton

Debate Forum

Is it Moral or Ethical for Marquette University to Host the Military on Campus?

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