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TeachWarNoMore: Teach War No More

New video, December 2014

Marquette and Notre Dame Universities teach war and killing

Listen to a soldier: how the military not only taught him how to kill but to seek and desire to kill.

Good Guys, This American Life, Jan. 10,2014.

Militarization of High Schools

As local Catholic High School Considers a contract with the Department of Defense for a high school military program (JROTC) we consider the reason to: Teach War No More in High School.

ROTC: Marquette Teaches Killing, Harvard Does Not

One Less Excuse for Catholic Jesuit Universities to Teach War

Or one less excuse for any university to teach war and host the military on campus.

Blowing the Dynamite

Breaking the Silence

Premier Social Issue

A letter to the Archbishop of Milwaukee responding to what he wrote as the “premier social issue. There has been no response.

Open Letter to Four Leaders of Morality in Milwaukee

Marquette University, Be Faithful to the Gospel, and No Longer Host Departments of Military Science. — Sign the Petition

The Militarization of Catholic Jesuit University Education

Not Your Father’s Military

Soldiers of Conscience

Killing without Conscience

The movie Soldiers of Conscience brought to attention how student soldiers in the Army officer training programs at military host universities are trained to ‘kill reflexively’, without use of conscience and considering moral justification.

The best explanation of this training technique is probably best described in a paper presented to the Joint Services Conference on Professional Ethics in Washington, DC, January 27–28, 2000 by CPT Pete Kilner, instructor at the U.S. Military Academy. In a paper titled “Military Leaders’ Obligation to Justify Killing in War” he says: More

The terrible of effects of ‘reflexive killing’ can be seen on the PBS Frontline video

The Wounded Platoon

Catholic Workers and Military Training on Catholic Campuses

Marquette University Hosts the Catholic Worker Archives and Departments of the Army, Navy/Marines and Air Force. Although Dorothy Day lived before the Solomon Amendment of 1996, forcing colleges and universities to offer military training Catholic Workers have been on the forefront of resisting military training and teaching war, especially on Catholic universities.

Making War

by Archbishop Dr. Robert M. Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF, ret. National Commander, “The Patriots” & Primate, United Catholic Church

ROTC at Catholic Universities

by Katie Millar in Sign Of Peace ~ Journal of The Catholic Peace Fellowship EASTER 2003, Vol. 2.2 Explains Moral Or Money Questions for Catholic University


Is your local college or university a Partner ROTC school or does it Host military training on campus? Just type or click on your State for a list of all partner and host ROTC schools.

Army, Navy/Marines or Air Force.
Host schools like Marquette University are military officer training bases where partner schools send ROTC students.

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